A Beginners Guide to invest in Electroneum in 2020

The whole world is going mad over cryptocurrencies and so do the investors. No denying that cryptocurrencies have taken over the market and have been the topic of the discussion over the last few years. But more than the discussion, people have been worrying about whether the investment in these currencies would be a worthy or a lousy idea. Well, my take on this discussion is, it totally depends upon the crypto you are picking to invest in. However, the selection of crypto is not an easy task, one bad choice can make you a pauper.

According to market trends, Electroneum (ETN) is one of the cryptos that can be the best investment as of now. The trade volume for this crypto is expected to rise in coming months. In fact, for those who are rookie in the field of the crypto market and purchase, needless to say, this is exactly what you need to start from.

Electroneum is a mobile-first cryptocurrency which is currently being traded at the volume of 0.409 INR, that means 1 ETN = 0.409 INR. Without beating around the bush, let’s understand why investing in Electroneum is a good decision but before that, it is important to get aware of the ETN price history.

Electroneum Price History since its launch

Electroneum was launched in September 2017 and it caught the attention of marketers since then. It initially was propelled to target the online gambling and mobile gaming market but emerged to become one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in India. After the successful initial coin offering (ICN), the account of ETN users got hacked and this chronicle spread like wildfire in the market. Due to this, Electroneum faced a sudden price drop. However, the prices soon revived once the issue was fixed. The investors noticed the potential in this one of a kind cryptocurrency which comes with feasible features and thus, here is Electroneum being marketer’s favourite.

Honestly, the currency has performed rather averagely in the past but analysing the future trend, it seems the Electroneum is going to perform quite decently. The trade analysts say — ETN will perform more than average among other cryptocurrencies and entice the investors so much so, many of them would yearn to make an investment. Now, we are aware of the price history, it is time to know the predictions.

Electroneum Price Predictions in Coming Months

The market interpreters are having strong predictions for Electroneum market. Everyone knows that the price may differ because no one can exactly foretell what will happen and what would be the fate of ETN in future. Still, crypto holders are confident about it and that is a good sign. We can expect that ETN will double its price value in the coming months which we could not witness last year.

Many technical websites have already predicted the price of Electroneum in upcoming years and most of them say the price level of ETN will most probably be the same while some say Electroneum will boom the market in coming days. Even if ETN keeps its price level same, it still would be an investment worth considering if compared to the features of it to other cryptocurrencies.

How to invest in Electroneum — A Beginners Guide to invest in ETN cryptocurrency

One can have their own reasons to invest in the crypto market but the major one is to make a good whole lot of money by trading. Now you have decided to invest in cryptocurrencies, this could possibly be because you know how huge the market for them is going to be in the coming months.

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If you are a beginner in the crypto investment field and looking for much cheaper crypto to start with, Electroneum is the name I would suggest. ETN, being the most popular bitcoin, allows transactions through a mobile app. Can anything be more convenient than this? Without wasting any time let’s know how one can invest in ETN? There are two simple steps to follow.

STEP 1 — Buy Bitcoin or Ether

In order to begin with ETN investment, one should hold crypto, either bitcoin or ether. If you do not have any of them. You can purchase them on any of the exchanges. It is not difficult to get bitcoin. To suggest, you can go to the website Coinbase and purchase your first crypto.

STEP 2 — Transfer your Bitcoin and Buy ETN

This is a crucial step to follow. You have your BTC now, transfer it to any other exchange platform, generate a wallet address and click on send. Once the bitcoin is transferred into the account, you can now purchase the ETN on ETN/BTC exchange.

How To Buy Electroneum in India

In India, you can directly buy Electroneum with Indian rupees from Bitbns exchange. Bitbns listed ETN on their exchange in 2018. It comes with low trading fees, which decreases with an increase in the trade volume. However, compared to other Indian exchanges, Bitbns charges higher fees. Moreover, it supports major INR deposit features like IMPS, NEFT, and UPI.

That was it. Was not the steps pretty simple? Indeed. So what keeps you on hold. Crypto market is going to be the biggest trading market. Many countries have already declared it legal. Start without any worries, invest in your first trade and enjoy the trajectory.

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